A Novel Natter: Asking for Books as Gifts

Last week I asked for your thoughts on giving books as gifts.  This week I’m looking at the other side of that discussion:

Asking for Books as Gifts

Did I ever tell you that I love books?  No, I didn’t think so.  But I do, and usually when asked what I want for birthdays or Christmas, there are always a few books on my wish list.

This year has been no different, other than the fact that I now have this blog and so my book wish list is bigger than ever (there are over 130 on my Amazon Wish List!).

I have a birthday coming up (on the 18th) and when asked what I wanted, I’ve responded with books  and Pandora charms.  That’s pretty much all I want, I don’t need or want anything else.  Apart from maybe a new book shelf when I buy all those on my wish list!

I have a lot of books, and read a pretty wide variety of authors, so I know it must be hard to buy a book gift for me.  I would usually offer a short list to choose from, but then I can’t buy anything off that list until I know which ones have been bought for me.  But then if I just ask for a  gift card, there’s no surprise in that, and less presents to open on the day!

I want to know if you ask for books as gifts, and how you go about it.  

Do you offer a short list, a long list, ask for specific titles, or just request the gift card and buy your own?
Are you okay asking for a specific title, and the gift not being a surprise?
Would you rather not be gifted books at all?

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17 thoughts on “A Novel Natter: Asking for Books as Gifts

  1. I actually did this for Christmas, when my family asked. I told them all I wanted was Pacific Rim, The Hobbit Extended edition, the new Hunger Games paperbacks, and the 15th anniversary Harry Potter boxed set. That’s it. They’re response was: “But you always get books and movies! We want to get you something else!” -_- I can never win!

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    • Ohhh, I really want that HP set too. I think I will end up buying it for myself. I keep being told that I have too many books already, but if that’s what I want then I don’t see the problem. I haven’t seen the new HG set though, I have them on Kindle but would love a set for my shelf.

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  2. This is a good discussion topic. I really really like getting books as gifts, but I always feel so awkward when people ask…being like “oh okay I want this, this, or this title,” like I’m basically telling them exactly what to get me. I know how much I love giving people gifts, and I feel like that would almost ruin it for me if somebody gave me a specific list. I probably only really feel comfortable enough with my parents to tell them exactly what I want.

    This year, I posted a wish list on my blog, so maybe my friends/family will see it and take ideas from that. Obviously not everybody can do that, but I guess it kind of creates the illusion of a surprise/gives the gift giver some control and happiness, especially if you have a long list.

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  3. Actually, I rarely ask for books as gifts :D

    HAHA does that surprise you? XD Actually, I usually ask for money, which I then use to buy books :D I don’t directly ask for books because it robs me of the opportunity to scour the bookstores, which is one of my favorite things about being a bibliophile :) So yeah, that’s me XD

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  4. I love being gifted books :) I always get a thrill when I open a present and it’s a book, they are still, by far, my favorite gift! Only my boyfriend and sister really have the guts to get me actual books though because everyone else is aware that I have so many it’s a hit or miss whether I already have it so I do get a lot of gift cards. Which I’m also ok with because I will definitely use!! My sister meticulously goes through my Goodreads if she buys me one to ensure that I don’t already have it (thank goodness for the tbr-own shelf I have). My boyfriend gets me to make a list of books that i haven’t read and want and ones that I have read and want. Then he picks from the list and buys although he is also really good at remembering books that I really want and cant find, or just haven’t read and he has been known to sneak those into the pile as well. All in all, I love being gifted books :)

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  7. I give them a list of all the books that I can think of, and then I give it to them and tell them to buy the cheapest option. I’m not really shameless about book gifiting, because I make it a point to return the favor.

    What sucks is that I usually remember this book that I wanted way after giving them the list. And what sucks even more is the fact that the books I want aren’t easily to be found in the Philippines, so . . . *sigh*

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    • I’ve given a list to some people in the past but then one those books has gone on sale and I then can’t buy it for myself at the bargain price in case they picked it from the list. It sucks that you don’t have as much availability in the Philippines.

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  8. I’ve been asking for books all my life. My mom always says now “What do you want BESIDES books?” Umm….bookshelves?

    I told my husband not to worry about buying me a gift this year. I already went on a bookstore shopping spree. :P He went and bought a laptop. Can you imagine how many books I could buy for the price of a laptop? OMG!!!

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